Creation is the setting of the Exalted RPG.

In the short; Creation is a flat plane, defined by five elemental poles; The Northern Pole of Air, The Southern Pole of Fire, The Eastern Pole of Wood, The Western Pole of Water, and The Central Pole of Earth.

At the center of Creation lies The Realm; a vast, continent-spanning empire, ruled over by The Scarlet Empress, a powerful Terrestrial Exalted, who in turn founded the Scarlet Dynasty and organized the defenses of Creation against the ravages of the Wyld and the Fair-Folk. The Realm itself is a powerful, corrupt, and now, crumbling regime, due to the Empress’s disappearance 5 years ago.

Beyond the Realm lies the Threshold. The Threshold nations are a varied and multiformed bevy of cultures and peoples, primarily united in their desire to survive, and often, their desire to defy the realm. The satrapies of the Realm lie among the nations of the Threshold,and currently seek to throw off the weight of the Realm’s cruel rule, or they work their best to try and feed a dying beast which is now in the process of gearing up for civil war.


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