Sidereal Exalted

The Sidereal Exalted, also known as The Five-Score Brotherhood, are the chosen of the five Maidens; in truth, the so-called “brotherhood” has not stood together a day since the end of the First Age, individual factionalization among the Sidereal Exalted, as well as among the larger organization of the Bureau of Destiny having broken them into several different organizations, all with different goals, and with different fates in mind for Creation.

Several of these factions and organizations are;

The Cult of The Illuminated – A Name synonymous with the Gold Faction of the Sidereal Exalted, the Cult of the Illuminated is a mortal front organization that is carefully manipulated behind the scenes by the Sidereals.

The Bureau of Destiny – Commanded by Director Chejop Kejak, The Bureau is an official branch of the Celestial Bureaucracy; being specifically, the branch associated with the maintenance of fate, as well as ensuring that the Loom of Fate continues to spin, and that the Pattern Spiders are undisturbed. Unofficially however, the Bureau of Destiny is all but synonymous with the Bronze Faction of the Sidereal Exalted, and is highly interested in eliminating the Solar Exalted where possible, as well as ensuring the dominance of their puppet state, The Realm, and its state religion, the Immaculate Order.

The Gentimian Exalted – Given the name the Gentimians are explicitly not Sidereals, however, despite this fact, the Gentimian Exalted are synonymous with the name of one; Rakan Thulio, an unknown and enigmatic figure, who has thus far directed these strange Exalted in his one-man war on Heaven.

Notable Sidereal Exalted

Balthazar – A Gold Faction Sidereal, Chosen of Secrets whose methods, motives and intentions concerning the Solar Chasoue Mowuta are as yet unknown.

Chejop Kejak – The ever paranoid and principled leader of the Bronze Faction, and de-facto ruler of Yu-Shan, Director Kejak has become remarkably insular and aloof of late, often locking himself in his office for hours or days at a time, and is rarely, if ever bereft of the company of Nara-O, God of Secrets and Master of the Forbidding Manse of Ivy.

Kejak’s Lackey – An as yet unknown junior Sidereal whom has found himself acting as Director Kejak’s eyes and ears in Creation; indeed, he seems quite suited to the task, and already has begun his mysterious mission.

Rakan Thulio – The leader of the Gentimian Exalted, Thulio seems dedicated to only one side; his own. His motives unknown, and himself as mysterious as the Gentimians he leads, only time will tell more about the nature of this enigmatic figure.

Sidereal Exalted

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